Monday, October 8, 2007

Congratulations, Catarina!

Catarina Kim, an Elliott School graduate with a Korean Minor, won the prestigious National Security Education Program (NSEP) National Flagship Language Initiative (NFLI) Fellowship, 2005-7. She did a year of study at the University of Hawaii and spent a year abroad at Korea University in the second year. She will be serving out a government contract working in the federal intelligence sector.

Upon learning that she was a recipient of this prestigious award, Cat said, "I wanted to share this news with you [her mentors at GW] so that I can encourage other students to try out for it in coming years. This is a great opportunity for all students that are serious about pursuing advanced levels of language acquisition, especially in Korean, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin, and desirous of working in the federal government. I also wanted to mention that applying for this fellowship was something that I was encouraged to do as a result of my success with the Gamow fellowship at GW. I really appreciated the year's worth of research and experience that I gained from being a Gamow fellow, and I see the research that I did with Professor Young-Key Kim-Renaud on translation theory and basic linguistics as the starting point for my interest in pursuing the NSEP fellowship." [Ed. 2005 was a record-making year for our Korean program: three out of only a dozen recipients of this prestigious fellowship were students of Dr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud.]

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